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Cultivating Peace: Mindfulness for the Soul

How to go beyond de-stressing and cultivate an expansion of consciousness, without becoming a monk, doing hours of study, or learning how to do advanced meditation.

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Dear Friends,

Ten years ago, in my mid 30's, I was in a real crisis after divorce. Not only was I dealing with the emotional fallout - I also had young kids and almost no source of income. I suffered from daily panic attacks (as soon as I woke up, I couldn't breathe!). Sometimes I felt so depressed that it was like my heart was literally dying in my chest, and I found it difficult to motivate myself to do what I had to do to get by.

I remember sitting alone in my living room at night in a swirl of emotion - heartbreak over failed relationships, the stress of earning money, the difficulty of raising children who needed a calm, present mother.

I needed to figure out how to stop suffering and de-stress, so I began to retrain, from a PhD. in economics, to therapeutic work. As I began to see my own clients, I used a lot of tools to help them, and I tried everything on myself as well, including adopting a meditation practice.

Both my clients and I would find symptom relief with hypnosis, NLP, meditation, and bodywork.

Still. In both my clients, and myself, stress returned. Trauma resurfaced, usually within a few months.

As for myself, meditation was enjoyable and temporarily calming, but strong emotions, past hurts, and reactionary thinking still plagued me, not to mention the stress of my life. I needed to figure out how to find peace in light of these ongoing challenges.

I'd always had a strong drive to find processes that I could work with on my own, and I wanted to give this to my clients too - They could come to me for relief, but take home powerful tools they could work with forever.

I was meanwhile studying the methods of many contemplative traditions, like Buddhism, and consuming hours of webinars and books on trauma, the body, healing, and de-stressing.

When I began to move beyond the 'being present' aspect of mindfulness, and began confronting the reality of how the body and mind experiences stress and suffering by doing particular processes with strong emotions, sensation, gratitude and forgiveness, I realized that all along, science and spirituality together pointed to a way out.

This was a series of simple, but effective practices that did not require meditation, or listening to music or apps, but empowered an individual to effectively deal with whatever arose, no matter the circumstance or context!

When I finally defined those processes, and began to work with them regularly in my life, something miraculous happened.

Not only did I no longer suffer from stress or anxiety, but I was having regular experiences of Oneness, or connection - bliss states. Sometimes, just driving to work, I would be overcome with love. You can't imagine what that's like until you experience it. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING compares.

Even though there are still stressful things in my life (like teenagers!), I know how to work with whatever arises, and in my core, I'm not just at peace, I am also empowered, because I am confident that I can productively stay centred no matter what life throws at me!

I would love to share with you my approach, and explain why it's so powerful and can make such a profound difference in your life, too. Please join my live webinar to hear all about it (it's actually live and yes, you can ask questions).

Hope to see you there!

Michelle Dixon, Ph.D.

Here's what I'll be teaching...

Secret #1

How 6 Simple Practices Learned over 6 Weeks can ingrain powerful lifelong habits in you so that experiencing ever-expanding peace become second nature.

Secret #2

How to easily and effectively figure out how your body experiences stress, reverse it quickly, and expand your state of peace to greater and greater levels over time.

Secret #3

How to integrate these practices into your normal waking life, so that you are always reaping the benefits without spending extra time.


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In our society, evolution equates to external success. Yet, when we experience an inner connection to all of life, from our natural environment, to our human brethren, we naturally grow in empathy and compassion. In fact, this experience of connection is what will change our world for the better. And that comes from involution - an evolution of our inner selves, back to our center.

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